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Vintage Charms

Silver vintage charms and vintage gold charms  have made a resurgence this last couple of years and once agian have become so collectable.Our selection of vintage silver charms features some fully  hallmarked. others not marked but all tested silver.Some movable or mechanical

The well known collectable manufacturers are named Chim and Nuvo these charms can be hung onto bracelets or necklaces.You can find these vintage silver charms in enamel on silver or just a  plain silver finish..A little silver enamel shoe,toadstool with an imp,an opening camera revealing a man,a pagoda and a saucy opening beach hut charm which reveals a naked lady! are a small selection available.Charms made in the 1960s and 1970s are now looked on and recognised as works of art in their own right. The charms are so small to feature so much detail. Some of the more  unusual unique charms may also have a viewer also known as a PEEP or STANHOPE.The design may be  a pair of binoculars or a cross or similar made in ivory or bone and when looked through reveals photos of a place say Paris or London.They say that charms are back in vogue now and are very collectable and desirable, But I feel they never really go out of style as there is always someone who will realise the workmanship and beauty of these little works of art-Vintage Charms really do charm!