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Victorian Mizpah Brooch-SOLD

Victorian Mizpah Brooch-SOLD
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Victorian Mizpah brooch.This victorian brooch has the word Mizpah across one heart.Mizpah means"may the lord watch between me and thee when we are absent from one another". Victorians were very sentimental and there was a wide range of sentimental  brooches in the Victorian period some of which can still be found.Heart brooches were a common symbol, others featured swallows and birds or love symbols these were known as sweetheart brooches.This brooch set in brass has twin hearts one with Mizpah the other with a cross and an anchor with a small heart with a tiny symbol in the centre.It looks like a broken heart.Brooches were not the only jewellery to include the word MIZPAH.Rings,lockets and some mourning pieces also had this word inscribed. This brooch is in good condition it has a simple c clasp and a thin pin which is slightly out of shape,but it closes securely. There is a link to a site which features nothing but Mizpah jewellery if you have an interest in this type of Victorian jewellery and wish to see some more examples.

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Victorian Mizpah Brooch-SOLD
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