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Sweetheart Love Jewellery

Sweetheart love jewellery.All items in this section are connected to LOVE.Victorian sweetheart brooches,silver heart charms,heart lockets,gold lockets.Vintage jewellery and antique jewellery -any items of jewellery which signify a love theme.From Mizpah brooches to heart rings.Heart shaped pendants and heart bracelets.All vintage love jewellery and antique sweetheart jewellery will be added to this section.Of course much will be from the Victorian era as they were so sentimental and wore large silver lockets and victorian love token charms plus they placed hair of a loved one sometimes inside their lockets to remind themselves of a dear departed loved one.The Georgian and Victorian era saw the emergence of Memento Mori charms, jewellery could be viewed now as morbid as this usually depicted a skull or skeleton, with the motto MEMENTO MORI-remember we must die.To remind themselves of the fragility of life.