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Vintage Bead Necklaces - Antique Bead Necklaces

Vintage and Antique bead necklaces.Many of the vintage and antique jewellery necklace favourites.are here Including the essence of elegance,pearls.Necklaces of good pearls cultured and glass or similar which look as good as the real pearl necklaces.Freshwater pearls,Baroque pearls,Amber necklaces,Murano millefiori bead necklaces,wedding cake vintage murano necklaces,vintage crystals,glass necklaces,mother of pearl vintage malachite necklaces and more. Popular at present are Bakelite Cherry Amber necklaces. Mostly dating from the 1930s these were made to copy cherry amber but at a much lower price. These have since become highly collectable especially the facetted cherry amber bakelite necklaces. If you have any bead necklaces which need to be restrung we can do this for you at a reasonable cost. Please ask.

**We buy broken necklaces-If you posess any broken bead necklaces which you no longer use and wish to sell Please ask us, we may be interested in purchasing them.**

**The island of Murano made and still does make some of the best glass necklaces and beads.The Millefiore bead is made by high quality bead makers by first melting or lampworking the Murano glass onto a copper wire. When the bead is made the bead is held in the flame and with the tweezers  he takes the millefiori canes which have been cut and they are placed directly onto the heated center bead, covering the bead without leaving any space between each area. The  bead is then polished and smoothed out until he is happy with the quality. The production of these wonderful artisan beads is kept a secret through each family within the workshops on Murano an island near Venice.At one time the beads were made in Venice but because of the fear of fire the workshops are now produced on Murano a small island across the water from Venice. The wonderful older beads produced from the early 1900s cannot be compared to the quality of the Murano beads which are produced today  .**