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Vintage Necklaces and Antique Necklaces

Vintage Necklaces and Antique Necklaces. Stand out from the crowd with our wide range of 9CARAT Gold necklaces,18CARAT gold and silver hallmarked necklaces.Victorian lockets with typical sentimental engraving of maybe birds or flowers as love tokens.The geometric designs of the Art Deco 1930s the 1970s..The glass necklaces made in the 1930s Art Deco era were items of great workmanship.Especially the MURANO  glass necklaces ,these are now highly sought after especially the WEDDING CAKE glass bead necklaces so called as they had appliqued glass patterns ( looking similar to icing on a cake), to make each bead unique.Also their brightly coloured beads which they were one off items.Silver pendants from David Anderson.Enamel necklaces and  Amber,Costume,paste necklaces and others are also not forgotten from all eras and featuring many designs. .Amongst  beads necklaces georgian coral is highly collected and is a beautiful colour to wear.Here is a link to a well written article about coral jewellery on the JANE AUSTEN website.

What is a statement necklace?  The catwalk and High St are showing necklaces for sale which are big and very showy. Sometimes with bright colours and chunky metal designs. But  the 1950s to 1970s necklaces also featured large and colourful patterns,beads and  metals. If you are looking for a statement necklace then vintage may be the way to go to find this look if you wish to buy a one off piece which you will not see everyone else wearing.Prices can be very comparable to the high street and a rarer vintage necklace will alaways be that little bit more special. .