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Collectable Antique Rings

Who does not like antique rings? There is such a diverse choice.From the unusual mourning rings with beautiful engraving and enamel work with sometimes hair left attached in a glass insert at the back.We have seen a mourning ring with an initialled engraving and a painting portrait of King Charles 1st hidden in the back showing support for the king.

But looking for thr more affordable ring is a little easier to find.Victorian rings are within most peoples budget especially if you pick a smaller ring ,the designs of Victorian rings are just lovely.From seed pearls and Garnets to small Emeralds with tiny diamonds or stunning enamels usually worked in dark blue a great combination with gold..

Choosing a Georgian dated ring gives you the choice of lovely psste stones made to copy diamonds for those who could not afford them but the sparkle on these stones in the candlelight was so good they easily passed for the real thing.Not the cheaper of choice but definitely top quality.

Whatever you pick your choice of an antique ring will be wise as the prices of these rings only increases as the years pass plus you know you have an item which will not be a high street copy of others, Happy Shopping!