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Books - Collecting Old Jewellery

Over the years we have amassed many books on collecting vintage and antique jewellery and have added to our knowledge of jewellery from diifferent publications. We will be adding from time to time books which we feel may be of interest to the beginner and the long time jewellery collector.

Egyptian Revival Jewellery and Design by Dale Reeves Nicholls.Along with the usual Egyptian Revival stylised pieces there are in this book many other more unusual Egyptian items not necessarily jewellery..

Costume Jewellery by Judith Miller. There are many Jewellery books by Judith Miller and we have quite a few and have fiound them invaluable.

Charles Horner of Halifax by Tom J Lawson.A wonderful book featuring the work by Charles Horner a very collectible silver jewellery manufacturer .

Fabulous Fakes by Vivienne Becker. A plethora of interesting jewellery with good photographs of delicious paste pieces.

Collecting Victorian Jewllery by Mary Peter.The usual Victorian Jewellery but a good feature about Cameos and the work of the great Italian Jewellery maker Giuliano in the 1870s.

Millers Costume Jewellery by Judith Miller. We love this book it is easy to find wellmknown designers of costume jewellery and also to identify the different styles belonging to a certain maker.