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Charms To Charm

If you are looking for older gold  bracelet charms,silver charms  or even antique charms for a special gift there are many for sale on the Bracelets To Buckles website to choose from.You will find hallmarked silver and 9ct and 18ct gold charms,also Victorian love tokens which can be heart desgins with a cupid or an arrow.

Many of the vintage charms and antique charms go back to the Victorian times and feature unusual themes and designs.Some have a small lens which has a picture photo inside called a stanhope or peep.From charms of churches to small fobs these can feature a stanhope.Which is a small viewer which contains pictures of maybe a place,a church or a person.

The antique and vintage bracelet charms were usually heavier and had a more distinctive and superior casting than those of today.From puffy hearts to spinning I love you charms some even had real gemstones with small emeralds, rubys, garnets or sapphires which i have seen in the opening treasure chest or a dagger in a sheath.

Czech glass vintage jewellery is very collectable and they made cracker charms in glass of cats,dogs amongst many other designs and are lovely for a pendant or bracelet if you can find them undamaged.Nuvo and Chim are very well known and collectable charms to look for as they nearly always had a secret opening from say a camera to reveal a photographer inside or record player to show records inside.These are the more expensive end of the market but you can see the quality.

Having fun seeking out and looking for these charms, in gold, silver,or other materials, is half the fun and when you find a rare one you know that you might never find again, you will want to buy it, although you will have to spend more, you will more than compensated with knowing that hardly anyone else will have the same!

Get out your metal detector to look for charms!  Housewife Mary Hannaby regularly took out her metal detector around her area of Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire . After several years of fruitless detecting, she discovered a gold charm pendant. This was a religious piece of the three in one, The Father,The Son and The Holy Ghost, the Holy Trinity. In 2009 this charm was valued at a staggering quarter of a million pounds.