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Symbols In Jewellery

CATS IN JEWELLERY- Cat jewellery has always been very popular from the Egyptian times and making a strong resurgence in the 1970s. Looked on as superstitious good luck if it was a black cat.In the Victorian era Christmas crackers sometimes contained glass black cat charms the glass being made in the Czech republic or was known as then Bohemia.These little cracker charms are now collectable as there were usually thrown away or were broken.You can sometimes find these little gems with a colar and maybe a bell around the neck.They are worth looking out for and it you find one ther are becoming scarce.

Cats in jewellery featured heavily by the jewellery designers Cartier who favoured the big cats and Wallis Simpson was a lover of this type of jewellery having bangles and bracelets of panthers and also huge brooch pins of the big cat studded with diamonds or sapphires and other precious stones.Strangly ebough the other day in a newspaper a fairly new young designer was showing her new selection of jewellery and it had  big cats designed in her bracelets and brooches.Goes to show everything comes around again at some period in time, you just have to wait.We feature a few cat brooches look for the one with the arched back looks like he is ready for a scrap!

HAND MOTIFS IN JEWELLERY-The hand featured in jewellery has been used over many years even before the 1800s. You can find hand jewellery made of such materials as Vulcanite,Coral,Whitby Jet,Bone,Ivory,Glass and other precious and semi precious metals.There are many collectors of hand jewellery and strangely enoguh fingers in these pieces can have a special meaning.A pointing first finger means keep away.The first and last fingers pointing denotes a  protection from the evil eye.A hand with the fingers doubles up means affection.So these brooches could be given to a loved one- except for the keep away unless that was the message you might want to give.There is also the name FIGA given to hand jewellery uually made of mother of pearl this is a folded fist with a protruding thumb this is known to be a good luck symbol.

Masonic jewellery uses hands as a symbol and we have a charm with a hand holding a ball hich we feel may signify either being accepted or not into the Freemasons.In Georgian jewellery many brooches had the design of a hand mostly made of silver and were wonderfully detailed  with elaborate cuffs or lace at the wrist.Sometimes a ring with a semi precious stone .Clasps for the necklaces sometimes featured interlocking hands.Then there was the Gimmel ring or more commonly known friendship ring which was interlocking.The Claddagh type of ring which was popular in Ireland had the design of two hands holding a heart. There are also brooches and charms which can be found with two hands clasped as in a handshake or taking the hand of friendship. 

EYES IN JEWELLERY- Eyes may seem  strange to use in jewellery but the Georgians were very fond of this motif. Set into brooches,rings and pendants the eye was an important symbol being popularly used in the Georgian and Victorian era..