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Collecting Buckles

Buckle My Shoe! Collecting Antique Buckles.

As time moved on the materials used for buckles included silver,gold,cut steel or even vauxhall glass,especially for dress buckles.The Art Nouveau period which was heavily influenced by the Arts And Crafts movement incorporated designs of birds,trailing and stylised flowers and animals.Ladies with their flowing hair were also found on some of these buckles in silver and also could be purchased with matching silver buttons in the same design in a fitted case.Enamels were extensively used within the Art Nouveau period.Beautiful greens and blues which were put onto a backing metal usually silver thus further enhancing these already magnificent buckles.

From the Art Deco period buckles could have lovely paste stones sparkly like diamonds and were striking in their own right but a fraction of the price although some  did feature diamonds! These were threaded through materials to make a stunning belt for a special item of clothing.

Forgotten now by most are the wonderful buckles that  nurses usually used to purchase or were given as a present when they became qualified.These had great detailing and some very good makers and hallmarks.A lovely way to wear a pretty item everyday.

Buckles now may be a thing of the past but looking at the style and designs of these handcrafted items could be considered a work of art in their own right .A few can make a lovely display in a glass fronted case.This would be an easy way to view and admire your covetted buckle collection..Another way of bringing a buckle up to date maybe having it converted to a bracelet?