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Cleaning Jewellery

How do you clean jewellery?  Well first of all it all depends on the item, what it comprises of materials wise. Obviously cleaning pearls would be entirely different to cleaning silver and other types of jewellery.

To clean pearls just use a very soft cloth slightly damp and wipe them carefully, each one individually.,then wipe with a dry soft cloth.If your item of costume jewellery, necklace,brooch bracelet or earrings has over the years become covered with a green powdery looking  verdigris . You may be lucky enough to remove if not all of it but some by using tomato ketchup. If the item has been left for a long time it may have corroded the metal.Do not use to clean jewellery with stones attached. This is to  To try cleaning apply the sauce on the verdigis area and leave for at least an hour or so. Wipe as much as you can off with  tissues then use a soft damp cloth to remove the rest of the remains of the sauce.As mentioned if the item has really corroded you will not have any success but it is worth a try.To clean silver we prefer not to use a silver dip but this all depends on preference some people like to see a patina on their older silver items others like a very shiny finish..If you prefer to leave a patina just use a silver cleaning cloth you can then decide how shiny you want your item to be. If you wish to see a shiny finish you can purchase liquid polish or use a silver dip although this does remove a a small amount of silver everytime you use it. and you will still need to polish after.You can use an ultrasonic cleaner for silver with no stones.If you wish that your jewellery has a really thorough clean then take your items to a jeweller..

For cleaning gold  use some washing up liquid a very soft brush and a soft cloth after to buff up and shine. If the item is very dirty leave to soak and use the soft brush to get into any crevices. *Remember to put in the plug or sink cover so you do not loose your items- easily done*  .For cleaning brass jewellery especially the backs or mounts of older peices the proprietory brands do the trick .But again some prefer to leave a  little of the colour that has developed over time and changed the brass to a more muted and burnished look..For vintage glass necklaces wipe the beads with a cloth with a washing up liquid taking care not to soak the thread between each bead.Wipe with a soft cloth and leave to dry then you can use the cloth again to give a good shine.It is amazing how these old glass pieces show their true colours after a good clean.For bakelite jewellery Simichrome is the choice for a really good shine . You may have trouble finding this in the U.K but it can be found to purchase on EBAY.