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Collectible Wedgwood Jewellery

Wedgwood Jasper jewellery has many colours styles and designs.Colours vary from the popular pale blue to the darker portland blue, plus Lemon,Terracotta,Green,Black and the earlier mixed colours from the Georgian period.

Josiah Wedgwood joined Thomas Whieldon of Fenton in 1753.A well known and well respected potter of the day.On the 1st May 1759 he started working on his own and begun the Wedgwood pottery.Classiclal subjects are seen in the jewellery items and these designs have been repeated frequently over the decades.So the jewellery cannot be dated purely by the subject matter alone.Black Jasperware was used in the Egyptian designs of the 1970s along with the Terracotta colour,which being so earthy was the perfect choice for the Tuthankamen and Nefertiti heads along with the many Egyptian birds and gods.Wedgwood dates and marks.Before 1860 the mark was WEDGWOOD plus letter and potters marks After 1860 the mark was WEDGWOOD plus the month,year and the potter

1811 until 1908 the mark was  WEDGWOOD ENGLAND

1908 until 1969 the mark was WEDGWOOD MADE IN ENGLAND except for the smaller articles which would be marked WEDGWOOD ENGLAND

1970 until the present time the mark is WEDGWOODMADEINENGLAND

Some of the wedgwood jewellery has been mounted into precious metals,18ct or 9ct gold.Some in silver.Others gold plated.The silver mounts can have the intials j.w. for Josiah Wedgwood and full hallmarks.Others are marked Silver.With no hallmarks.But they will all have the Wedgwood mark.Any bearing the mark WEDGEWOOD with the “E” are NOT Wedgwood.

In 1987 the Wedgwood factory merged with the Irish company Waterford Crystal,creating Waterford Wedgwood.Brooches, pendants,bracelets and rings in Wedgwood can be found on the Bracelets To Buckles Jewellery website.Any questions please ask.