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Collectible Vintage Compacts

Vintage Powder Compacts.What makes them so collectable?I feel it is the style of a bygone era which keeps us wanting to capture that essence of the past.The 1950s with the iconic film stars like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn oozed class and that is what vintage compacts do-they ooze class.stratton compacts the reknowned English compact manufacturers made such an assortment of colurs and designs.From swans and flowers to the sought after compacts with prima ballerinas.On opening a vintage compact you feel transported to another time.A lovely way to apply your powder and lipstick.Some of the Kigu compacts range from enamel to solid silver and gold patterned designs.We have a few really special powder compacts on the Bracelets To Buckles website for sale.Some have the original sieve and powder puff maybe the pouch and box.You may find items set in mother of pearl accompanying  a folding comb with a super vintage hinges box.