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Wallis Simpsons Jewellery

Famous Wearers Of  COSTUME and FAKE Jewellery??

I have always been an admirer of different types and styles of jewellery.Including costume jewellery,and I have researched and followed women who have owned special collections.The late  Wallis Simpson who became the Duchess Of Windsor and for whom Edward V111 gave up his entitlement to the throne,had in her collection jewels, ranging from specialist items with diamonds,sapphire,rubies and other precious stones.But also a huge amount of costume jewellery.Known for her mixing the real with the fake, especially pearls.She was asked in an interview what she thought of costume jewellery,and said ‘ hating to admit it, was fascinated by fake jewellery,as it was so good.’

Five  pieces were made for her by Alexis Kirk an American designer,who was known for his unusual and statement items of jewellery in the 1960s and 1970s.These five necklaces will be heading off to auction next month. October 2011.The auction is to be held by Dreweatts and Bloomsbury.Once two seperate auction houses which joined forces in September 2009.One of the necklaces to go under the hammer is made of cork and feathers.Probably not the type of jewellery that you would associate with Wallace Simpson.But each of these items were made to wear with a particular outfit.They are  all signed and have a specially made red leather monogrammed box.The auction estimates tange from £1500 to £3000.Will these necklaces exceed these estimates? Well they have more than exceeded these estimates!!